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Audiovisual Alterity

Representing Otherness in Music Videos

Under contract with Oxford University Press - Currently in preparation


Drawing on a wide range of examples and case studies from many genres, this book explores the representation of subaltern communities in contemporary music videos. This book continues the academic discussion regarding the depiction of race, ethnicity, and gender in music videos, but also extends the conversation to include representations of Asians and Pacific Islanders, the LGBTQ community, Native American cultures, the incarcerated, religious minorities, and other “others.” It also accounts for the expanding definition of “music video,” and examines depictions of alterity in both traditional music videos and those created for emerging media, such as online video-sharing sites and mobile applications. 




Table of Contents:




Chapter 1 - "Dead Giveaway": Blaxploitation Aesthetics and Viral Music Videos


Chapter 2 - Camp, Kitsch, and Cowboys: Queerin' Country Music Videos


Chapter 3 - "Losing My Religion": Iconic and Iconoclastic Representations of Religious Minorities


Chapter 4 - Digital Natives and Cultural Tourism: Representing Indigenous Peoples in Music Videos


Chapter 5 - Culturally-oriented or Orientalist: Asian & Pacific Islander Aesthetics in Music Videos


Chapter 6 - How to Make a Prison Video if You've Never Been to Prison



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